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Missoula Modular sells, re-sells, manufactures and repairs Eurorack format synthesizer modules and other electronics. We ship worldwide. Free domestic US shipping on orders over $99
Phone (M-F 10am - 5pm MST): 406 214-5402
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Pingable Envelope Generator Kit Eurorack Kit $195.00
Rotating Clock Divider Kit Eurorack Kit $95.00
Shuffling Clock Multiplier Kit Eurorack Kit $95.00
Quad Clock Distributor Eurorack Module $239.00
Rotating Clock Divider Eurorack Module $179.00
Shuffling Clock Multiplier Eurorack Module $179.00

Missoula Modular | 306 South 3rd St. W. #4, Missoula, MT 59801 | 406.214.5402 | info@missoulamodular.com